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march 20th 2016

Chicken Soup for the Sole


You are a proud, 21st century male. And while you may not have to sharpen your tools at sunrise, or wrestle a pack of hungry wolves with your bare hands, life in the concrete jungle can still be pretty rough. All those cracked pavements, slushy streets, stampedes in the office elevator and not to mention the number of times you've put your foot in your mouth!

Kethini's Chicken Soup for the Sole series will give you the low-down on how to care for your expensive Italian shoes. Muddied footprints, beer spills and sticky situations? Both you and your shoes can stand up to it all.

You're welcome.

Wet shoes equals sunlight, right? Wrong. Stuff your shoes with newspaper and keep them away from direct sunlight. Bright sunlight will cause cracks in leather and loosen adhesive.

Tuck your shoes in for the night with a pair of shoe trees. They help retain the shape of the shoe. reduce creases and absorb moisture and ordors. Pick an unfinished cedar model with a split toe and fully shaped heel.

Don't wear the same shoes every day. Apart from being a hideous fashion faux pax, wearing the same pair everyday reduces its life span. Everybody needs some space.

Use a shoe horn to put on your shoes. The hopping-on-on-foot-while-putting-on-your-shoe dance isn't really doing your expensive beauties any favors!

Don't store your shoes in the box they came in. This makes the leather deteriorate, especially in humid weather conditions. Instead, store them on a shoe rack.

While fading color does have its vintagesque charms, use a high-quality shoe polish to keep them looking brand new and scratch-free.

Follow these simple tips for a healthy owner-shoe relationship. And if you feel like you're ready for some major commitment, check out our blog for the real deal.

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