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How to care for your shoes in summer

With the rising mercury, no one can escape the wrath of this year’s summer! The high temperatures, a hectic calendar and long hours at work take a significant toll on your body, and not to mention your shoes! Like your significant other, do not let your shoes go to bed feeling unloved. Here are ways you can care for your shoes this summer:

Wipe dirt and grime from your shoes

We are so sure you follow our instructions on how to take care of your shoes to a T (well okay, no one is perfect), so believe us when we say the dirt and grime of the street and fine Italian craftsmanship don’t mix. In the summer, your shoes need a little more love and care than usual. Right after you come back from a long day elbow in some saddle soap – it is the secret to keeping your leather clean and soft, with a slight waxy finish.

Keep the odour away

Sweat and leather shoes are as good a combination as chalk and cheese, and a day in the heat will have your feet smelling. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure – scrub your feet clean with deodorizing soap and a soft washcloth. Sprinkle any foot deodorizing powder before you get dressed, and your feet will be fresh even at the end of the day!

Rock the eternally fashionable sockless look; and wipe off the build up of dead skin from your feet with some soap and an old toothbrush. This summer, an odour neutralizing spray promises to be your best friend and it will leave your feet moisturised and smelling good.

Stay away from direct sunlight

The sweltering heat is not doing the leather on your shoes any favours, and to prevent them from getting cracked or losing color, store them away from direct sunlight when you tuck them away. Leather is very sensitive to moisture, so if your shoes get wet, allow them to dry in the heat away from the sun. If you are getting dressed, make sure your feet are fully dry after the shower. The key to the long life of a leather shoe is all in the TLC you give it! Weather this summer with flawless style and make a fashion statement wherever you go with our range of Kethini shoes.

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