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Shoe Terms Decoded

While the English language threatens to undergo a complete transformation with the introduction of brand new buzzwords every season, chances are, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and pay more attention to the latest fashion speak that the cool kids are using. With words like ‘shoefie’ and ‘kicks’, you just may have to devote more attention to decrypting these code words than you did in your tenth-grade Trigonometry class! Fear not, our handy little guide to all things shoe-related will have you speaking fluent ‘shoe-ese’. And no, that’s not a thing. Yet!


To start, let’s ease you in with a simpleton. As you may have guessed, a ‘shoefie’ is simply a selfie of your shoes. For instance, “Did you check out Kyra’s shoefie on Instagram? I’m so J!


The first time this word was used was on the popular hit TV & movie series, Sex and the City. The term is used to describe the feeling a person experiences when he/she spots an amazingly stunning, beautiful, mind-blowing pair of shoes. Example, “I had a shoegasm when I first spotted Kethini’s Autumn/Winter collection!”


A chunky shoe, best described as the love child of a pair of platforms & flats. These are basically women’s shoes that have a heel height of about 3 – 5 inches and are usually about 7 – 12 centimetres thick in width. Similar to wedges, they are as comfortable and stable as a pair of platforms with the height of a regular pair of heel shoes.


Slang for a new pair of shoes that are totally sick. And here, sick means awesome. But, wait. That’s a whole other blog post!


Shoes you wear so much that it practically looks like you got beaten up in them! For real. You wear it in heavy rain or sunshine, at the bar or to a football game!

With these words heavy in circulation, there’s no escaping them, and we’re not complaining! Watch this space as continue to fill it up with the latest shoe speak!

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