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Spend the summer in sandals

Ah, sandals. The go-to shoe for that last-minute grocery trip. The very accessory that completes your bed-head and sweatpants look. Not anymore.

The once-boring sandals have walked straight out of the snooze-zone and into the hottest fashion runways across the world. Which means it's now A-okay to wear them to your girlfriend's cousin brother's stylish summer wedding without attracting disdainful looks.

When opting for leather sandals, choose a tight fit and thin sole that does not jut out past your toes in front, or heels at the back. A stylishly-crafted pair of leather sandals pairs well with shorts, slim-fit pants; a modern, tie-less suit and oodles of confidence.

Just remember to keep your feet clean before you present it for public viewing. And if this means you need to go for a pedicure to bring it up a notch from previous cave-man status, by all means, go for it. Think a pedicure's not manly enough? Michael Jordan faithfully gets a pedicure every ten days. 'Nuff said!

Check out some more tips here on foot-friendly sandal style.

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