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You have a closet full of shoes. You polish them lovingly before your night out with the boys. And it doesn’t matter if you’re seeing double at 3:00 am – you still never forget to cozily tuck your shoes in for the night, with a pair of cedar shoe trees. Others may call you a tad obsessed. But you know better. You know your shoe collection is pure art.

And we understand.

Every handcrafted Kethini piece is testament to a mastery of leather. Attention to the smallest details, commitment to creativity and a reverence for the craft is what defines the shoes designed by Italian shoemakers & Kethini Art Directors, Walter Bettini & Ennio Penazzato.

walter bettini & Ennio Penazzato

Walter Bettini & Ennio Penazzato hail from Riviera del Brenta, a picturesque town snugly tucked away between the provinces of Venice & Padua. The footwear trade fully developed during the late 19th century and the region is characterized by the production of almost all the luxury labels available in the global market. The designer duo’s shoe art speaks the traditional artisanal language of designs, patterns and hems, rooted in the ancient traditions of the Riviera.

Tonino Cannucci

Tonino Cannucci was lured into the shoe trade by the teachings of his father, Armando, a renowned craftsman, who mentored a young Cannucci in his private laboratory and later encouraged him to test and display his creations to the public. Long travels in the pursuit of trends and traditions, chance meetings with locals and an almost ‘surreal vortex of situations’ inspire Cannucci to constantly keep creating.

Why Italy? Because the world’s finest full-grain leather comes from animals that are specifically bred for their hide. Italian craftsmen are obstinately old-fashioned and use time-honored techniques (like maximum stitches per centimeter) to handcraft shoes that will last generations. And if that’s not enough, the Italian map is even shaped like a shoe! So, it’s a total no-brainer. Just like buying a Cuban cigar. Or Swiss cheese.

Today, an Italian shoe just doesn’t mean a shoe from Italy. It’s the soil on which the shoe treads. Each Italian-inspired Kethini masterpiece captures the breathtaking art of the Sistine Chapel, the fluidity of a Gondola wafting on Venice’s liquid waterways, the headiness of a Tuscan wine and the quiet confidence of Italy’s rugged landscapes.

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