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If you have not been living under a rock, you would have chanced upon at least one type of sneaker in your time here on this planet! This shoe was made popular by a ‘Keds’ campaign in 1917, and since then has become a staple in almost any wardrobe.

There are two theories of how the term ‘sneakers’ came about. The first and a lesser known possibility is that this was a term used to refer to naughty school boys in Boston around the late 1880’s. They were called sneakers because they would wear tennis shoes, hide behind objects and scare people! The second possibility is that the shoe got its’ name from the rubber sole. This made it possible for the wearer to sneak up on people without their knowledge.

So whether we have naughty Bostonian boys, or the product itself to thank for the name, there is no denying that these shoes are a timeless classic. They have been in the forefront of fashion since the early 1910’s, and for good reason! These shoes go well with just about anything, from a comfortable pair of shorts and a printed tee to your favourite denims. If you pair it right, you may even be able to pass it off as appropriate office wear, or with a dress on a hot summers’ day.

At Kethini, our sneakers have a supple leather finish – the perfect blend of elegance and a casual laid-back charm. There is a plethora of interesting colours and designs for you to choose from, and you can mix them up with just about any of your wardrobe choices! The ‘Sneakers’ line from Kethini promises to be your most prized accessory in almost any casual or semi-casual event!

Keep shopping, stay classy.

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