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There is something magical about the rain! The drop in temperature (God knows we need it), the pitter patter of steady rain and an excellent opportunity to stay indoors. It is also that time of the year where your shoes need the most amount of TLC. Leather and rain are not always a good combination. But, no need to fret, here are some simple tips to maintain your shoes this rainy season.

Use a waterproof component

Even if your shoes are as far away from the rain as humanly possible, they can still be susceptible to damage. Spray copious amounts of a waterproof component, and depending on the type of leather that is used, this may vary. The waterproof component creates a protective layer on your shoes, keeping them safe and will help you combat the rain in style.

Dry it out

If you happen to get caught in a downpour, don’t worry about your shoes because help is at hand! Dry the shoes off at room temperature and wipe off excess moisture with a newspaper. Don’t forget the insides as well, so when you tuck your shoes in for the night, stuff some newspapers in them so they will be fresh and new.

Switch it up

Keep changing the shoes you wear on a daily basis regularly. Not only will your shoes thank you for it, but it will give your feet a chance to breathe and that will help prevent any fungal infections that are prevalent during the monsoon. Also, this is a good tip to remember for all seasons because shoes that are worn regularly have the tendency of getting worn out faster.

Keep bad odour away

Regular use of shoes can result in bad odour, so make sure you wash the inside of your shoes regularly, your feet every time you remove your shoes and throw your socks in the machine with every wear. Once a week, put dried tea bags in your shoes and leave them overnight for fresh smelling shoes. A word to the wise, if there is rain predicted, keep a pair of spare shoes in your car or bag. You will never know when you may need them!

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